Who is doing What and Where - 3W MAP
3W Map tool - Who is doing What and Where


Drought resilience requires a holistic and multi-sectorial development approach. The 3W map is one of the different components of the unified KM system and serves as a project portfolio management tool.

Its purpose is to inform decision makers and resilience planners on who is doing What and Where (3W tool) in terms of resilience in specific thematic and geographic areas. The 3W tool is especially helpful in the context of programming for it allows to track resilience initiatives and gaps in the IGAD region.

The tool can also give decision makers and concerned managers an easy platform for resilience monitoring and planning. This planning becomes possible by using a web based map to know:

  1. who is involved?
  2. what is being implemented? and
  3. where are investments taking place?

The 3W platform could be used as a monitoring and evaluation tool to check the types of projects being implemented to meet their strategies outlined in the CPPs, RPPs, RPLRP and other national programs. By evaluating the number, types, locations, and funding values of projects, government institutions could easily able to